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Our commission is 0,95 percent of the selling price (min 25 000 SEK and max 45 000 SEK)

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What Is a Commission?

Shortly put, a broker's commission is the amount of money you as a seller pay for the job the broker does. Prices differ between different real estate agensies but also between different brokers within the same company. This is because the broker usually decides his or hers own commission. And if we're completaly honest, the prices we're talking about are often quite juicy.

We at Blok, on the other hand, know that it does not have to cost so much to sell a home. Or at least we can push down the commission to about half compared to traditional brokers. Evaluate your apartment and get and get an estimate of your commission.

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Four Reasons Why Blok's Commission Is Lower

We work as a team with different excellence

Traditional brokers are responsible for everything at the same time: chasing meetings, writing ads, managing biddings, contract writing and declaration. We do it a little differently. Instead of one person being good at everything (which is impressive, but often difficult) we are several people with different excellence. So we work with what we do best. This means that we become more efficient and can reduce our fees.

We ship the papers and do it digitally

A lot of time and money is spent on designing and printing prospects (those brochures you get in hand during a showing) and contracts. Instead, we work with digital prospects that our clients receive via e-mail when they come to the showings. This means that we can charge less for the seller.

We save time with the help of smart technology

With the help of artificial intelligence, we can automate and streamline lots of things which gives us time to spend on other things. Like giving you better service. It also gives us time to take on more customers, which means that we can push down the commission.

We believe you deserve a lower price

We think you deserve better service at a lower cost. It may sound a bit cliché, but after all it is our business idea - to help you make the best home selling experience of your life and be really nice at the same time.

A Commission That You Don't Need to Stress About

Are you tired of unclear price lists and additional costs that pop up afterwards. We want you to have a clear picture of what selling your apartment will end up costing when selling you apartment through Blok. Our fee is 0,95% (min 25 000 SEK och max 45 000 SEK).

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