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Compare realtor commissions

Blok's commission is 0,95 percent of the selling price. Minimum 25 000 SEK and maximum 45 000 SEK. Compare realtor commissions below and see what you can save.

What is realtor commission?

A broker's commission is the amount of money you as a seller pay for the job the broker does. Prices differ between different real-estate agencies but also between different brokers within the same company. This is because the broker usually decides his or her own commission. And if we're honest, the prices we're talking about are often quite substantial. Today the average in Stockholm is around 1.6% of the final price.

We at Blok, on the other hand, know that it does not have to cost a fortune to sell a home. Or rather, we can offer a more generous commission though technology and a modern way of working. Without compromises. Value your home and get and get an estimate of your commission.

Comparison of savings

Blok's commission only 0,95 % of the final price (min 25 000 kr and max 45 000 kr)

Selling price: kr ( kr)

Compare with the commission of a traditional realtor: %


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Four reasons why Blok's commission is lower

We work as a team with different specialties

Traditional brokers are responsible for everything at the same time: chasing meetings, writing ads, managing biddings, and managing contracts. We do it a little differently. Instead of one person being good at everything (which is impressive, but often difficult) we are several people with different specialties. This means that we work more efficiently and can reduce our fees.

We skip the papers

A lot of time and money is spent on designing and printing prospects (those brochures you get in hand during a showing) and contracts. Instead, we work with digital prospects that our clients receive via e-mail.

We save time with the help of AI

With the help of artificial intelligence, we can automate and streamline lots of things freeing up time. Time we can spend on the things that matter – like giving you better service.

We believe you deserve a lower price

We think you deserve better service at a lower cost. It may sound a bit cliché, but after all it is our business idea - to help you make the best possible home transaction and be nice at the same time.

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