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How does the valuation work?

Fill-in key information about your home such as location, size and features.

We calculate the valuation for your apartment based on hundreds of thousands of transactions.

Follow how the value of your apartment develops by subscribing to our service Pricewatcher.

Get to know us 

Our vision is to help our customers find home. By utilizing new technology we could speed up the whole process of selling your home, find the potential buyers more efficiently and keep the transaction cost at a reasonable level. Today Blok is a fast growing startup that employs 35 people. To date we have sold over 2 200 apartments and helped our customers save over 125 million kr in commissions.

Homes we have sold - Kallhällsleden 8A

Kallhällsleden 8A Sold

Kallhäll, Stockholm 43.00 m² - Fredmansgatan 6B

Fredmansgatan 6B Sold

Södermalm, Stockholm 38.00 m² - Ernst Ahlgrens väg 3, 3 tr

Ernst Ahlgrens väg 3, 3 tr Sold

Fredhäll, Stockholm 43.00 m² - Kata Dalströms gata 10

Kata Dalströms gata 10 Sold

Hägersten, Stockholm 70.00 m² - Regattakajen 10

Regattakajen 10 Sold

Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm 83.00 m² - Piruettvägen 5, 8 tr

Piruettvägen 5, 8 tr Sold

Hägersten, Stockholm 63.00 m²

What our customers say

Since the start in Finland 2017 ww have sold over 2200 homes

Great service and no-frills with modern digital processes making it easier for us living in a difference city during the whole sales process. Thumbs up!

Marie (★★★★★ Hittamäklare)

Blok is according to me a very welcome challenger to old-fashioned and traditional brokerages. Really appreciate the smooth digital process. The ad with photography, copy and a 3D-showing was truly great. So happy with this broker.

Fredrik (★★★★★ Hittamäklare)

Very satisfied and fantastic service, the sale proceeded quickly!

Erika (★★★★★ Hittamäklare)

Comparison of savings

Blok's commission only 0,95 % of the final price (min 25 000 kr and max 45 000 kr)

Selling price: kr ( kr)

Compare with the commission of a traditional realtor: %


that you could use on

Dagens Industri 11/2019

"Blok made an entrance as an alternative, digital real-estate service on the Finnish market 2017. Since then the tech-company has sold over 1500 homes at a collective value of 3,7 billion kr."


If different broker's estimates are based on the same data: why are they sometimes so different? It is good to remember that some brokers are competing for customers by raising their own estimate. High estimates is not a guarantee that the broker will actually sell the home at that price. There may be no statistical basis for these estimates, so it is always good to ask for a more detailed explanation behind the valuation.

The median error of Blok's value estimation is 5%. The median error reflects how accurate the estimate is and how much the price varies on average. The final price when selling is always a result of the negotiation between buyers and you as a seller and can thus deviate from the valuator's estimate.

When subscribing to Blok's Pricewatcher service you'll get an updated estimate of the value of your apartment to your email each quarter.

2 200+
homes sold
125 000 000
kr saved by our customers
4,7 ★
reviews hittamäklare