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How Does The Estimate Work?

Blok's estimation tool is based on a range of variables such as the address of the apartment, size, condition, construction year, lot information and other variables. Based on this information the tool returns an estimated price range for your apartment.

How Accurate Is The Estimate?

The median error of Blok's price estimate is 5% and within the Stockholm Capital Region somewhat lower ca 4%. The median error depicts how accurate the estimate is and how much the price varies on average. When you sell your apartment through Blok you'll go through the estimate together with our real estate broker before we put it up for sale.

What Is The Estimate Based On?

Our price estimate is based on actual transactions and debt-free prices of similar apartments in your neighbourhood. In areas with many similar apartments and a high volume of transactions the estimate is more accurate.

How Does The Pricewatch Work?

When subscribing to the Pricewatch you'll get an updated estimate of your apartment to your email each quarter year. It's good to know how the value is developing since a large part of our wealth is tied up in our homes.