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Have you found your place in the world?




Stockholm, Helsinki



Make a difference as a realtor

We believe in the power of entrepreneurial thinking. We are searching for people moving fast, dreaming big and want to define the direction of their own careers at the same time as they are redefining the experience of buying and selling a home. The future of real-estate is inspired by reality, driven by technology and created by you. Register your interest below for more information.

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Have you found your place in the world?

Our employees are the source of our success. We believe in putting humans first and think different in everything we do. At Blok we invest in the daily development of our employees to transform ambition to performance.

Our vision is to help you find your home

Our vision is to help our customers find home. Today Blok is a fast growing startup that employs 35 people which to date has sold over 2 500 apartments.

Work smarter through new technology

We are a tech-company redefining real-estate. Redefining a sector through technology and creativity means we must dream big and drive solutions. The ideas of our employees helps is define the direction of our business. What do you want to do and what interests you? Freedom is essential for us at Blok. The best part? This is just the beginning.

Our story

In the spring of 2016 Blok's founder and CEO Rudi got the idea of using technology to automate most of the selling process. Soon after that Juha, Samu and Olli joined. Things started to fall in place: What if offers could be made online? What if the home valuation would be done by an algorithm? What if customer could be follow the deal through a digital dashboard? What if the whole traditional model could be made more efficient through technology? These questions lead to the foundation of Blok.