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Blok lifts the selling of your home and exceeds your expectations during the process.

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Real-estate as it ought to be

With Blok you are getting everything you expect from a realtor and even more - through new technology we can offer you a better service at a lower commission. We are committed to changing the business and are proud that 98% of our customers recommend us.

Do a valuation of your apartment

The first step is to do a valuation. You do a valuation directly at Blok.se using our valuation tool. This gives us the information that we need about your apartment, as well as a valuation of your apartment and an estimate of our commission. In the next step, we would like to know more about you. Time to create an account! Start with filling out the owners of the apartment and select the contact person. After that, you need to do an id control using BankID. We will then reach out to you in order to take a more detailed discussion regarding the planning of selling your apartment. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and get more knowledge around the sale of your apartment.

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Photography, preparations and marketing

Time for photography! We will book one of the great photographers that we are working with. Do you need styling help before the photography, we can help you find a stylist. We will now start to discuss sales strategy: What will be the starting price, which pictures will we be using, when shall we publish the ad, etc.

At the same time in the Blok office: we are completing all documents och create the marketing material. You can follow the process at "My pages" at Blok.se, there you can also add any requests that you might have for the ad. Once you approve the material, we will publish the ad. We are using the following marketing channels:

  • Hemnet

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

We arrange the open house

When it is time for open house, our experienced brokers and showing hosts will step in represent you. They show the apartment, guide the potential buyers and gathering their contact details. We are working with digital brochures and 3D-showing, so the potential buyers after the open house can continue to explore your apartment back home again. These services are very appreciated, both by buyers and the environment. Please try out our 3D-showing here.

Bidding and contract

This is the moment when the pulse is increasing - the bidding. Here we will support you as much as you want. What is most important for us, is that you feel safe and comfortable throughout the process. Since everyone that takes part in the bidding have been identifying themselves with BankID, we are reducing the risk for non-serious bidders. Of course, we will keep you updated throughout the process, and once we have a winning bid, we will sign the contract in the office.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at¬†[email protected].

A warm welcome to Blok, we look forward to talking with you!

Vad ingår i vår tjänst?

  1. Registrerad fastighetsmäklare
  2. Ett team som arbetar för dig
  3. Bostadsvärdering
  4. Instruktioner om bostadens styling inför fotografering och visning
  5. Fotografering
  6. Fysisk och virtuell 3D-visning
  7. Beställning och granskning av dokument
  8. Målgruppsanalys
  9. Bostadsannons och attraktivt marknadsföringsmaterial
  10. Skräddarsydd kampanj i sociala medier och Hemnet-annons inklusive avgift
  11. Budgivning med säkra bud
  12. Kontrakt
  13. Tillträde
  14. Stöd efter köptillfället

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