Sell a home

Sell a home

Sell your home in a modern and smart way.

Sell through Blok Scout

We're turning the housing market upside down

When you sell your apartment through Blok Scout you pay 0 % commission and the transaction is handled off-market. How? Buyers take the initiative. Start with a free valuation and see ready buyers.

Sell on the open market

This is included in Blok's service
  • Registered real-estate agent

  • Team of specialists working for you

  • Valuation

  • Styling instructions from a professional stylist

  • Experienced photographer

  • Physical showing and virtual 3D-showing

  • Ordering and reviewing documents

  • Analysis of target groups

  • Apartment ad and attractive marketing material

  • Optimized marketing campaign

  • Digital marketing including segmentation towards the target groups for your home

  • Staff passionate about real-estate and technology

  • Bidding with BankID verification

  • Contract

  • Support after the sale

Start with a digital valuation

The first step is to do a valuation through our digital valuation tool. This gives us the information we need about your apartment, as well as providing you with a valuation of your apartment and an estimate of our commission. In the next step, we would like to know more about you. Time to create an account and verify yourself through BankID. After that we get in touch to discuss more in detail the upcoming sale.

Preparations and marketing

When using Blok you not only get one real-estate agent but a whole team of specialists working for your deal enhanced by technology. We will book one of the experienced photographers we work with and provide you with styling guidance in advance. We create a virtual 3D-model of your home so prospective buyers can get to know the home before and after the physical showing. The required documentation is collected and we create attractive targeted marketing materials. You can follow the whole process on your dashboard here on the site.


When it is time for the showings, our experienced brokers and showing hosts will step in. They show the apartment, guide the potential buyers and gather their contact details. We are working with digital brochures and 3D-showings, so the potential buyers can continue exploring the apartment at home and be confident in their decision. This tends to lead to additional bids and a higher final selling price. Try our 3D-showing yourself here.

Bidding and contract

This is the moment when the pulse is increasing - the bidding. Since everyone taking part in the bidding have identified themselves through BankID, we are reducing the risk for non-serious bidders. We will keep you updated through the process, and once we have a winning bid, the contract is signed in the office.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at