Handling of Personal Information

This website always collects some basic information about the website usage, errors, pageviews and for example customer chat. This data processing is essential for providing the service and stored data is per se anonymous but subject to change. We also allow non-essential third party services to collect data on this site after user opt-in. These third parties (such as Facebook, Google and other advertisers) collect data via JavaScript and cookies. This page provides transparent information about the data collection parties.

You can read our full privacy policy here

List of data processors and data use

Party/Service Data information
AdWords, Google Opt-in, used for targeting advertisement in Google's services and AdWords network.
Alma Opt-in, used for collecting data about the effectiviness of advertising in Alma services
Facebook Opt-in, used for optimizing and targeting advertisement in Facebook
Fonecta Opt-in, used for collecting information about the website users
Hotjar Opt-in, used for following usage and behaviour on the site.
Mixpanel Opt-in, used for collecting usage information that can later be connected to user account
Följande informationsinsamling är nödvändig för att producera tjänsten.
Analytics, Google Information about the user, location, device and browsers. Used for tracking pageviews.
Intercom Includes information about cookies, messages and possibly email. Provides real-time chat connection to our customer service.
Sentry Includes information about cookies, users device and browser. Used for logging error information encountered in the service.

This list is subject to change. Latest changes added at: 18.7.2019

I frågor gällande datasäkerhet vänligen kontakta [email protected]