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Here you will find answers to the most common questions.

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What is Blok?

Blok is a real-estate agent saving you time, money and energy. A digital service for the market of the future where modern technology underpins traditional brokerage. Real-estate deals as they ought to be simply put. Blok is a registered realtor with the same responsibilities and obligations as traditional players.

What is included in our service?

We do all preparations before the selling. We organise the photoshoot, the showing and order all required documents. We create ads and market your home. We support both the buyer and the seller throughout the whole process and always answer questions via telephone or the chat. When it is time to conclude the deal we prepare the contract and cover in detail how to prepare for the finalisation of the deal.

How many real-estate agents do you have in your team?

Blok Sweden has three registered realtor in our customer service team. All customers are delegated a personal registered realtor responsible for the deal.

What is Blok's commission?

Our commission is always 0,95% and never exceeds 45 000kr. This includes the fee for Hemnet.

How can Blok be cheaper than rival realtors?

We have made the whole model more efficient through new technologies and new ways of working. We work as a team with different areas of excellence. This makes us more efficient and enables us to lower the commission. We don't waste money on printed material. And through AI we can automate and streamline freeing time we instead can spend on giving you even better service. It also gives us time to service more customers which enables us to reduce the commission even further.

How do Blok's closing prices compare to competitors for comparable residences?

Blok in Finland did 2019 an analysis regarding this and reached around 1% higher closing prices for comparable listings. In Sweden three out of our five latest deals have reached record heights. Professional realtors with local knowledge underpinned by the latest technology is Blok's recipe for success.

Where is Blok active today?

In Sweden Blok is active in Stockholm and in Gothenburg. We are soon launching in Västerås. We will continue to establish ourselves in new Swedish cities. Blok entered as an alternative digital realtor on the Finnish market 2017. Since then we have sold over 2000 residences amounting to over 3,7 billion SEK and are established in 34 Finnish cities.

Do you sell all types of residences?

Today we are selling apartments, semidetached houses, terraced houses and linked houses owned in the form of shares in a tenant owner's association.

Can I create a rental ad through you?

Unfortunately we are currently not working with rentals.

Am I obliged to sell my residence if I create a account?

You are never forced to do anything with Blok. You can choose to leave the platform whenever you want, irrespective where in the process you are, at no cost.

Why do I need to verify myself with BankID?

We take security very seriously. BankID is an easy and smooth way to verify that it is actually you connecting to our service.

What is pre-sale?

Pre-Sale means the seller themselves are looking for something new and want to test the public interest for the residence. Are you interested in pre-sale either as a seller or as a buyer? Contact us and we will tell you more about the opportunities.

If I make my apartment available either as pre-sale or on the open market are there any added fees apart from Blok's commission when the deal is concluded?

No concluded deal = no commission.

If I'm looking for a residence, can I create an apartment finder?

Yes, by ordering our apartment finder we will notify you when similar apartments are for sale.

Which availability can I expect from the realtor?

When you sell your residence with Blok you will get a team comprised of a realtor, sales support, marketing specialist and an analyst. This divide gives the realtor more time to focus on being available for you and for potential buyers. Sales support will assist administratively during the journey. Your team will be available every weekday. Evenings and weekends you can contact Blok through chat or telephone.

How is my residence marketed with Blok?

Apart from broader directories of buyers we are using the latest digital and social ad tools who engages the most probable buyers of your home and exposes it in the most popular channels. The channels we use are Facebook, Instagram and Hemnet.

How does Blok's valuation tool work?

Our valuation is based on concluded transactions, which means that the price is supposed to give an indication of the residence's market value.

How much is your apartment worth?


Discover the value of your apartment and follow how it fluctuates with the price watch.

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