How to increase the value of your apartment

As a broker you often get the question “How do I raise the value of my apartment?” from a customer that is about to sell. Based on the market right now, we don’t recommend doing any big renovations prior to selling. We do have a few tricks up our sleeve though that can elevate your chances of getting paid the price you are asking. Well thought-out styling will get you good looking photos which in return will get more people to show up for the viewing. A stylized and clean apartment will often lead to more bidders and therefore a higher chance of reaching the right numbers.

Here we have listed three tips that can raise the value of your apartment.

The hall

The first impression will leave the biggest mark. The view that greets the speculators as they step into the hall is important; they might smile or look concerned based on what they see and of course we want them to look pleased. Put in some extra time to get that clean, welcoming and nicely furnished hall.


  • Make the hall come to life with nice lamps, books and plants. To elevate the hall even further you can develop your DIY-skills by laying a parquet floor. There are plenty of easy ones to lay yourself and since it’s usually a small surface to cover it won’t cost you a fortune (but it might get you one).


If the walls are full with holes it’s really worth it to fill them up and repaint. A fresh overall impression elevates the apartment and doesn't leave the potential buyer with unnecessary and stressful projects to think about. Everything that saves time and energy for the buyer is good.


  • Don’t feel comfortable painting? Invite a friend over that has some experience and cook a nice dinner after you’re done.

  • If you feel adventurous - go for a color that is trending right now. Otherwise go for white since it’s always a safe choice. Walls with a lot of patterns or a specific print might be best to repaint since it might not appeal to everyone.

  • Having difficulties with paint getting on the lists? Then it can be smart to use a color close to the ones on the lists as small imperfections won’t be noticed as much.

Personal - not private

When styling an apartment prior to viewing you want it to be personal but not private. Put away personal belongings and focus on making the apartment neutral and personal for the speculators. It can be worth hiring a professional stylist if you’re having trouble with those extra but important touches.


  • Be inspired by stylists and interior design magazines.

  • Reuse photos from design magazines to replace personal photos in your home.

  • Buy some nice looking posters.

  • Use plaids, pillows and plants to make the apartment cosy and stylish.

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