Interview with Bloks Head of Customer Service Johannes Westergård

Real Estate Broker Johannes Westergård got contacted by Blok and took the chance to do something he’s been dreaming about - to make fundamental changes to the industry. We sat down and talked about his job and found out what he thinks is important in a home.

Hi Johannes! Tell us about yourself and how you found Blok.

Hi! I’ve been working as a real estate broker for almost three years in the areas Östermalm, Lidingö and Södermalm. Three years of experience I hold dearly; but when Blok and Ludvig contacted me to ask if I wanted to change the industry with them - it clicked. I often felt frustrated as a broker before Blok; you did everything correctly, but you did it in a way it had always been done. That’s where Blok made the big difference.

How does your role as broker at Blok differ from being a broker at a traditional firm?

It’s quite a big difference actually since we’ve chosen a completely different path. Legal issues are fundamentally the same but everything else is different. Our customers will notice that we offer traditional services with a twist plus some completely fresh stuff as well. One big thing is 3D-viewings we’ve added to the apartment-ads as a compliment to the regular viewings. You should not have to make a decision worth millions after 45 minutes in the apartment. The response has been very good.

What are you most looking forward to at Blok this year?

We’ve gotten a fantastic response for our product since launch at the end of last year. It’s pretty obvious for a seller; you get everything and a bit more - for less costs. So the response from buyers has been rewarding to get. Everything from digital prospects to safe bidding via Bank-ID and the flexibility with e-signing. It’s truly an exciting time both for me personally and the industry!

As a real estate broker you have seen many homes, what do you feel is most important in a home?

Heart. A home without heart is just a residence. You can instantly feel when you step inside, it says alot about the person living there.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Music is a hobby I have, so a bit of time with a guitar in my knee can never go wrong. Concerts are always enjoyable; the last one I saw was John Mayer in Globen - it was magical!

What’s your favourite district in Stockholm and why?

I have a thing for Östermalm. The combination of being a fan of sports club Djurgården and the amazing orchestra of magnificent buildings down Strandvägen is hard to beat.

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