Interview with Blok’s Ludvig Hjalmarsson

We sat down with Blok’s General Manager of Sweden, Ludvig Hjalmarsson, and talked about the launch in Sweden. He has worked at Uber and H&M and is now excited to take the housing market to the digital era.

Hi Ludvig and welcome to Blok! How did you find your way to Blok?

Hi! Thank you, I’m super excited to be here! I had actually thought about how home sales could be more efficient, so when I got in touch with Rudi (our founder) and heard more about Blok and what challenge the company is solving, I was sold. I was really inspired by what the company had done in Finland and I immediately felt that I wanted to join the company and take it into the Swedish market.

Blok has now launched in Stockholm! What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

To join and build an organization of talented brokers that will help our clients through the biggest purchase of their lives.

What inspires you the most in your work?

Awesome colleagues! Colleagues who are good at what they do and are happy to share their knowledge. And there are plenty of them here at Blok!

How do you think the Swedish housing market will respond to Blok?

So far we have received very good response, which is fun! We have created a product that solves the problems that exist in today’s housing market, which is primarily that the sales process still is stuck in the 90s. In concrete terms we solve the problems through efficiency and digitalisation. We have found a model that simplifies the buying and selling process while making it cheaper for our customers. So yes, many people are curious about what we are doing.

What is your favorite neighbourhood in Stockholm? Why?

Good question, all neighbourhoods have their own charm. But I still have to pick the neighbourhood around Mariaberget on Södermalm because that is where I live. The combination of old Stockholm, cafes and restaurants is just so stunning.

What do you do when you are not working?

My biggest interest outside of work is traveling! This year, I have visited Italy three times, the Czech Republic twice, the Netherlands, Spain and Russia. I also love skiing and I spend at least one week a year in the Alps.

If you didn't live in Stockholm, where would you like to live?

In Helsinki and work at Blok's head office! If I had to stay in Sweden I would love to live in Gothenburg, I have lived there before and I really like that city. Outside the Nordic countries, I would love to move back to Barcelona. It is a city that almost has everything, especially fantastic food!

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