Buyers Olle and Nelly: "The flexibility we felt at Blok is rarely found"

We have interviewed buyers Nelly and Olle about their experience with Blok.

Have you bought an apartment with a traditional real estate broker before and how come you chose Blok?

This is the first apartment we’ve bought. We found an ad on Hemnet and contacted the executive broker at Blok, Johannes. He offered us a chance for a preview which meant a lot for our decision.

What was the difference from a traditional broker?

The experience we have from traditional brokers since before (viewings and biddings) differs a lot from our experience with Blok. At Blok we found a genuine will to help and we directly felt that the broker did what was best for us. A perfect balance between professionalism and a personal angle which we really appreciated. It certainly differs from our experience with traditional brokers where we felt they pushed us to bid higher and didn’t see to our needs. 

What did you feel was the same?

The process with the viewing, bidding and contract. It did differ a bit though since we got more time at the viewing and the process of signing the contract was really smooth.

What is your overall impression?

We are INCREDIBLY satisfied and happy that we got in contact with Blok and Johannes. He has been a big support for us through the whole process and we have felt one hundred percent safe. In this, for us, new experience it has been invaluable to have a broker we felt safe with to ask about and discuss the different steps along the way. It’s always been an honest discussion about bidding and similar which we have missed in previous contacts with brokers. We felt from beginning to end that the broker here did everything he could and a bit more to see to our needs which we feel is world class service.

Would you recommend others to use Blok?

We would, and have, absolutely recommend Blok to others. Both for selling and buying. The flexibility we felt at Blok is rarely found. This we are sure about! We will use Blok again in the future.

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