Karin Hamberg is the new CEO of Blok Sweden

Former head of marketing Karin Hamberg steps in as the new CEO of Blok Sweden since Ludvig Hjalmarsson moved on to new challenges.

Karin Hamberg is the new CEO of Blok Sweden

In June 2020, Karin started at Blok as Head of Marketing after previously working as Head of Growth at tech company Tipser. She came in contact with Blok when looking for alternatives to traditional brokers prior to selling her apartment. What she found was Blok, and with that a big potential for improvements and innovation in the industry which made her interested. She instantly set a target for Blok to be the frontrunner and lead the way for necessary changes in the industry — to make the selling and buying process as smooth, safe and overall good as possible.

Today, six months later, her vision for 2021 is crystal clear

“We’re still very young in a very old industry. Next year, 2021, we’ll take more responsibility for how apartments are bought and sold. There’s a lot of data about apartments and apartment deals; but data is worthless if not used properly. I want to ensure that we’re the frontrunner in using technology and data in the right way — to improve what actually needs to be improved, use it to help people make better decisions, and above all help more people find the right home!” says Karin.

In addition to how the technology and data are used, there’s also one additional big difference to how traditional brokers work:

“Instead of putting the whole process in the hands of a single person, Blok is a service with a whole team of experts where everyone works to optimize every part of your apartment deal — whether your goal is to sell or buy a home.”

Karin takes over the baton in an expansive phase where a lot is happening at Blok. Rudi, Global CEO and co-founder, feels that the choice was exactly right:

“I’ve had strong confidence in Karin and her knowledge since the first interview with her. I’m very happy that we’ve been able to give her this opportunity and that she took on that challenge. I believe that this will lead to good changes in how we do things in Sweden, both short and long term. I, the remaining co-founders and the board are all 100% in support of Karin. We believe that Blok Sweden will be big under her leadership."

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