Find your dream home among all of Stockholm's 454,538 condominiums

Blok's new service Scout lets you, for the first time, access apartments that never, or rarely, would make its way out to the public market. Tell Scout how you want to live and it will search among all of Stockholm’s 454,538 condominiums and use intelligent algorithms to match buyer with seller. When you’ve found your dream home our brokers will step in and help you in the process towards buying it!

Scout thus covers almost all condominiums that exist in Stockholm — not limited by the ones traditional brokers list as coming up for sale.

Blok Scout flips the market by letting the buyer take the reigns.

For you as a buyer

A better way to make one of the biggest deals of your life. It’s not just about the large amount of money; it’s also about finding your new home which shall make you feel good. Scout as a service is developed to help people find their home. The choice of where you're going to live should not be dependent on another person listing their apartment for sale at the same time. It may happen that you’ll find the perfect match, but the chances are slim and it usually comes with compromises.

To buy an apartment still requires a lot of time and energy from you as a buyer. You need to keep track of apartment listings, visit viewings and be a part of biddings. Scout reduces this significantly and you will never have a dream home swept from your feet by a broker taking targeted bids and selling it before you've managed to bid.

Blok Scout flips the process. You, the buyer, type in which kind of apartment you want and Scout searches for it and also helps you buy it. Scout lets the buyer have more control of your fate and is proactive in the search. You are allowed to be picky when it comes to your home!

For you as a seller

It’s a big leap to go from being open to selling your home to the right price — to actually getting in contact with a broker and spending time and money to list it for sale. Most people are open to the thought of moving. Scout opens up the door for you as a seller to receive your dream offer without having to put in any time or money.

Scout is also favourable for you as an owner since the buyer pays the broker fee. Some home owners may have thought about selling for some time and then been put off by the process feeling troublesome and work heavy. Now the roles are reversed since the buyer takes the initiative. 

An intelligent housing market

Blok started in 2017 in Helsinki with a clear vision of helping our customers find their home with the combination of professional brokers and innovative technology; and with the launch of Scout we’re now taking the next step in that direction. Today, Blok has 35 employees in Stockholm and Helsinki and have since transacted 2200 homes to a worth of over five billion SEK.

Scout takes the traditional broker mission into a more digital and intelligent era. Beyond the unmatched scale in which all of Stockholm's condominiums are covered; Scout also includes algorithms for a smart match between buyer and potential seller.

Scout is open for all and we’re now taking the next step towards a more digital housing market with the customer in focus.

“The idea behind the service we once again got from our own experiences from the housing market and us searching for our new homes. Condominiums which matched our search criteria either rarely became listed on the market, or they sold so quickly that we could not enter the bidding. We believe that more apartments can be for sale if the price is right and a buyer is found.” says Rudi Skogman, founder and CEO of Blok.

We believe that the future housing market will gradually move away from ad-based, passive markets and develop into intelligent markets which use data and technology to match buyer with seller.

We also see this as a necessary step towards increasing the mobility of the housing market – something which is highly desirable in the metropolitan regions and has several positive effects.

Blok Scout is now live and you can find your dream home by clicking here.

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