A smarter deal

With us you get everything you expect from a real estate broker - and a bit more. New technology allows us to offer a better service at a lower fee. We’ve managed to save our customers 125 million SEK since launch.

How Blok can offer a better service at a lower fee

The quick answer is that traditional fees are simply too high. The high fees are directly linked to traditional brokers low efficiency and that individual brokers generally sell quite few objects. A traditional broker spends most time with cold meetings which are both time consuming and expensive. Our brokers are more focused on customer service as we get most of our customers digitally, and we also work with a different structurally built model.

What does Blok do differently?

We work as a team where everyone has their excellence

A traditional broker takes care of everything at the same time: meet-hunting, writing ads, bidding, signing contracts and tax return. We do it a bit differently. Instead of one person being good at everything (which is impressive but often not possible) we divide the tasks between different people with their own excellence - including digital marketing and analytics. We work with what we know best. Therefore we are more effective and are able to get the fees down.

We skip papers and do it digitally

Designing and printing brochures and contracts are both time consuming and expensive. Therefore we’ve chosen to use digital brochures which we email to potential buyers when they attend a viewing. By doing this we’re able to minimise the seller-fees.

We free up time with smart technology

We can automate and streamline the process with the help of artificial intelligence which gives us more time to give you an even better experience.

We feel that you deserve a lower price

We feel that you deserve better service at a lower cost. It may sound cliché but when it all comes around it is our business concept - to help you make the best deal of your life and be fair throughout the process.

A smarter affair

The average broker fee for residences in Stockholm is 2%. Our fee is always 0,95% of the final price, minimum 25 000 SEK and maximum 45 000 SEK. No deal - no cost. And you’re free to hop off the train whenever you want.

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